Monday, June 13

Grumpy Gills

I started my period yesterday and it turned me into a mean monster.

Usually my time of the month comes and goes with nothing more than a slight disruptance in my love life. I tend to be tired and a generic cloud of ennui follows me around. But I have noticed that when I'm not eating much and exercising hard (like I am now), the hormonal changes seem to effect me more.

The morning started out with cramps but I managed to do my hour of cardio okay. Oh but wait -- mid-workout I had to make an emergency trip to the bathroom because I had begun menstruating which jumpstarted a day filled with things that annoyed me.
  • the movie theatre was cold
  • my husband kept getting up to pee during the movie -- a record THREE times
  • I didn't/shouldn't/couldn't get fries at In N Out
  • Target no longer carries the pet carpet cleaner I like
  • I was hungry all day
  • when we laid down to take a nap, the puppy kept making a throw up noise
  • which made me have to take the puppy outside but not before she threw up on the carpet
  • and I have no good pet carpet cleaner (see item four)
  • friends came over for the basketball finals ... enough said
  • friends brought over red wine which I don't like
  • on period and couldn't have sex
  • didn't sleep well; had a crick in my neck
And now it's morning. I'm at work. I'm feeling better. But man oh man. Yesterday was one of those days when I should have just quarantined myself away from all humans and read a book. I hated everything and everything pissed me off. Thank all the gods my husband is understanding and has a sense of humor. Before our nap he told the puppy: "you and mom have one thing in common: you're both bitches."

And I actually laughed a little before I rolled my eyes and kept being one.
Sometimes it's therapeutic to be a bitch.

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Kat said...

This is Je.. with 2 winey brats and a husband I blame everything on. When Mat is home its know a "mama's black day"... I go to time out a lot on that day. When Mat is gone, its know as; "mama needs you to watch this movie while I drink a bottle of wine." ... Fuck pms.