Tuesday, September 14

The Dentist

I am one of those few and fortunate people who love going to the dentist. I don't love cavities, and I'm not saying that the experience is 100% positive. But. Wow do I love having a clean pristine mouth. I love to have beautiful gums and a fantastic white smile. I love to open my mouth wide and have no fillings (that show, anyway). Me and the hubs like to have our appointments together so we can laugh and commiserate if one of us has a cavity. Of course, he's never had one, so it's usually him commiserating with me and looking smug about his strong and healthy enamel. However, this time we both rejoiced in the fact that despite not having been to the office for TWO -- count 'em two -- years, neither of us had any problems. Cheers.

My feelings and thoughts on this subject were sounding familiar to me ... and then I remembered this post from the past. I'll just say, my enthusiasm for dental hygiene remains undiminished.

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Lizzle said...

I'm going to be frank and say at first that I thought you were very strange, but I read your other post on why you love going to the dentist, and it makes a lot more sense to me now. Everyone needs to be loved and feel appreciated, and you have reminded me of that. Thank you for helping to make my heart a little bigger today.

Also, I don't like the fluoride and the drilling and whatnot, but my dentist makes the visit/operation as pleasant as possible. I should be more grateful for that.

It's also super-cute that you and your husband schedule appointments together.