Tuesday, September 21

The Good Fight

Ah, materialism.
I've been fighting you.
Fighting hard.
I'm purging and donating.
Books have been borrowed from the library,
rather than bought.
The closet has stayed the same size,
more or less.
But I hate my purse.
It mocks me with its cute shape
because inside is no where near enough room for
water bottle,
a snack.
I must ditch it for a new one.

So I've lost a small battle, but not the war.
And this beauty is on its way,
handmade just for me.

1 comment:

Caitlin said...

CUTE! I need a new purse, too. Well, I don't really need one. But I want one because the one that fits everything for my life is a bit worn out.

I feel you on the trying to fight materialism thing...it's hard. Especially when you have such great taste. :)