Wednesday, July 7

Puppy Party Planning

The puppy will be turning ONE on July 17th.
And, of course, we're throwing a birthday party.
The only problem with throwing a party is that it requires me to plan it.
I have yet to pick a park,
pick a time, 
invite people,
choose food,
and get a dog-friendly birthday cake.

But at least her one year old pictures are taken care of.
Photo by J&J Wright
(My very good friends)

Isn't she a little love bug?


Ange said...

You are the best puppy mummy ever. My dog doesn't even know when her birthday is (and neither do I). Adopt me? :)


Tasha said...

That basket is cute! Where did they get it? oh and so is your beautiful baby!

Caitlin said...

Hey, Dallas' birthday is July 19th! That is one cute picture. You guys are totally dog dorks.

mostly Kat said...

Ah. Alas, the joys and sorrows of your 'first's' first birthday!