Monday, July 12


You are all invited to attend Folio Friday.

Every Friday I will be posting a piece of fiction.
Sometimes a single short story.
Sometimes a piece of something larger that will carry over into next week.
Bring cake for yourself to eat while you read.
Or have a glass of wine.
The best thing about this event is that you don't need to worry about RSVPing,
Or really, attending in general.
I will never know.
So you can save your good excuses for that annoying co-worker party,
Or the neighborhood kiddy birthday.
However, if you want to attend (meaning: read), I will be taking suggestions.
For example: write about divorce/family/mothers/giraffes.
Stuff like that.
I love having a jumping off point from which my mind can wander.


mostly Kat said...

I think you should write about your relationship with alcohol. Why you love beer (sarcastically!), wine and liquor and how you came about to your first drink.. I really am curious about that! By the by.. You are the person (a side from immediate family) I have known the longest and you are also the only person I know (friends that is) that I haven't drank with... Interesting...

Oh wait.. You said fiction. Damn! ;)

Johanna said...

Aren't we basically immediate family? :)

Johanna said...

I don't really think I have a relationship with alcohol -- other than hating beer. But I like the idea of writing about drinking experiences.

Anonymous said...

giraffes are good :)