Monday, July 12

Flames on the Side of My Face

Dear Iongge,

You are a worthless piece of shit. I'm sure you're not even a real person, but I must refer to you as something, so I will use "Iongge," your username on Blogger. Thank you, new stranger-I-loathe, for leaving a spam comment on 80 something posts. I appreciate it no end. Because, really, what my readers need are reminders to purchase Viagra and Louis Vuitton bags. And I absolutely enjoy opening up each individual comment so that I can delete it.

(Note to Blogger: you need a better way to manage comments ... in case this ever happens again.)

But it better not happen again. All fury and hell will break loose, I guarantee. Of course, I have no way of loosing said fury and hell on the offender, so instead my friends and family will get to hear me complain about the wrongs of the internet and the debilitating power of capitalism. Honestly, if a humble blog is not safe from unsolicited solicitations, what is? Next people will be jumping out at me whilst showering or sitting on the loo. There is nothing I hate more than shit littering up my blog. I work hard to make my blog sleek and simple. And comments, yes, bring on the comments; those are fabulous. But this trash, this litter of nonsense, does nothing but cause me a lot of work. Iongge, I will never buy Viagra and now I will never buy Louis Vuitton. Whomever you are working for, please tell them that they have caused the companies a lost customer. And I could have bought a lot of LV in my lifetime.


Ange said...

Preach it sister! Poohs on longge!

The Awesome Narrators said...

Hate... Yes, a work that I can use for several people I've come across in my life... And since my blog is all new and stuff, I actually know these jerks in real life. *shudders* Now THAT brings up some bad memories...