Sunday, March 6

Shopping Cart Mystery

My new neighbors (man with scary uni-bomber beard and generic looking woman) have a shopping cart in their driveway. It's "parked" on their property but it's touching our house. That's what I hate the most about the shopping cart: the way it leans into our side of the house like it's been drifted there by the wind. But that's not the case because clearly there are NO supermarkets near enough for any wind not of Katraina-esque proportions to move a cart to my neighbor's house. It isn't even parked with a purpose, like they may have just "borrowed" the cart for some home clean up. Why is this happening? Why would they need to bring a shopping cart home with them? They have a car. They have a home. What other purpose does a shopping cart provide other than carting objects home -- which the car takes care of -- or carting around your objects because you don't have a home. Plus, I'm fairly certain that the local Smith's would consider their shopping cart being found outside the confines of the store or parking lot, theft. I'm living next door to facially hairy thieves.

I'm going to give it a few days and see what they do with it.

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