Friday, March 25

Movies to Rent

I'm feeling like staying on the couch and renting all those movies not deemed "worthy" of the price of a movie ticket. I've accrued quite a list because I've been watching all the GOOD movies in the theatre, like 'The Fighter' and 'True Grit.' So now it's time to give the B-list movies a viewing. Hopefully I end up finding one that I absolutely love.

I heard this was fantastic but my husband would never agree to go.


It looks funny/touching in a couch-potato sort of way.

Possibly hilarious, like "Drop Dead Gorgeous."

Kept meaning to see this but never made it.

I like to rent Angelina Jolie movies.

This is going to be hilarious or stupid.

I am obsessed with Rachel McAdams!

What is not to love? Ferrell and Pitt?

I read this book a couple years ago.
Also, I have to indulge my love/hate relationship with Keira Knightley.
Any other suggestions out there?


Heather said...

That sounds like a great list...maybe I will just come and join you on the couch :)

Kat said...

Tangled: I went in jaded because I'm not a Mandy Moore fan. But it was actually good.
Despicable Me: Loved it! I own it.
Life as we know it: haven't seen it but want to.
You Again: minimally amusing. Nothing close to Drop Dead Gorgeous. It takes its self to seriously to be a good comedy and its to stupid to be a serious movie.
TS3: totally deserved the Oscar. Amazing. Have a box of tissues. I own this as well.
The Tourist: haven't seen it but want to.
Due Date: both hilarious and stupid.
Morning Glory: haven't seen it but want to.
Megamind: great story! I own this as well.
Never let me go: haven't seen it.

If you want to borrow the ones I have just let me know. I cam bring them by on my way to my dads.. I need to bring back your Sex and the City anyways!