Wednesday, August 11


I love it when the date and the time coincide. For instance: August 11th at 8:11.
I love it when the time is in numerical order, like 12:34 or 5:43 or 3:21.
I love it when numbers in a phone number have a common denominator.
I love it when a phone number makes a pattern on the buttons when you dial it, like a cross or an X.
I love to pay with exact change but I never have any cash.
I love to make the tip the right price to make the total a whole number.
I love it when the syllables in a sentence match the number of words in a sentence.
I love to spell words backwards and forwards in my mind over and over again.
I love names that use alliteration, such as Mary Murphy.
I love to find typos in published novels. I mark them with post-its and brag to my husband.


mostly Kat said...

This post was in case you were wondering if Jo is still a nerd at heart.. She is!

Jessie said...

I love most of these very things - I count syllables and notice number sequences (digital clocks, dates, room numbers, etc.) My parents call it OCD, I call it paying attention to detail.

I love your blog! I hope you don't mind that I follow you. :)


Lizzle said...
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Lizzle said...

I've never paid much attention to the number of syllables in a sentence; I figure that the number of syllables will generally be much greater than the number of words.

I'm really impressed that you look for common denominators in telephone numbers; I personally like repetition or repeated orders when you dial numbers, such as 1213 or 62-73-84.

Johanna said...

Lizzie -- that is a great example. I love it when that happens.