Tuesday, May 18

Too Happy

Here's a little confession.
I'm too happy to care about much of anything lately.
I'm fat and happy, living a charmed life.
I have a job I find challenging and interesting.
I have a husband who is a perfect match.
I have a puppy who loves to snort and cuddle.
I have two new cars and a new house.
I dance five days a week which keeps my mind calm and my body graceful.
Soon I will, once again, be caught up in the flow of life; the get more be more try more part of life.
But for now, don't bug me.
I'm too busy drinking in the goodness.


Jen said...

First: "fat and happy" made me burst out laughing...because that is so not you (Did you take some X?)

2nd: You are dancing 5 days a week? That's awesome...No wonder you are happy!

Caitlin said...

What a wonderful post! You make me smile.:)

And you make me want to take ballet with you.

izmir ilaƧlama said...

thanks for articles.

d_mind said...

This is my first comment in blogger.

I don't speak english but I know read very well and write a little bit (sorry for my bad english, but... i'm trying)

I don't know why, but I love that you wrote. (Escribes muy bien!! y se agradece, es muy interesante lo que logras pensar y luego transmitir).

I love with my life dance, too!! So, this thing about you like me too! haha, well... I feel like Tarzan right now, it's really hard write in another lenguage if I can never do it!

Anyway, I read that you love comments, so...this is my aport!

Kisses from Chile!

P.S: You will be my first "favorite". XoXo!

Katie said...

I'm so glad I stumbled onto your blog. Drinking in the goodness! Thanks for the reminder, it is so easy to forget.

longge said...