Wednesday, May 12

10 Things That Piss Me Off

  1. Pink tights every day in ballet
  2. Everyone driving the same speed, and the speed is LESS THAN 50
  3. Irrational reactions to a misunderstood situation
  4. Doubt
  5. Fear of looking old -- I shouldn't be afraid of looking old
  6. People who think hamburgers should cost $1
  7. Comments made by others in faux self-deprecation that are meant to belittle you
  8. People who say they "hate" TV; please join the social world
  9. Sunny skies but cold temperatures
  10. Dirty fingernails


Vicky Pen. said...

11. People who believe they HAVE to warn you about this ugly spot on your nose. Very loudly.

12. Paris' grey sky today

13. My president : Nicolas Sarkozy

chabsfernandez said...

Vicky Pen made me laugh.

Pink tights everyday pissed me off even at the tender age of 5. Therefore, I left ballet and took up art. :)

Anonymous said...

14. Not getting enough time to read

15. Lying to yourself

16. Not liking someone on instinct

longge said...