Wednesday, February 8

Today's Grievances

  1. I made spoon pens (pens with spoons super-glued to them as an anti-theft device) for the office, upon which I drew little friendly faces; the one with the kitty has already been stolen. People are such assholes.
  2. I look super fat in these pants.
  3. I can't stop thinking about The China Study and how I must stop myself, family, and friends from eating animal protein so that we may all live long, healthy lives.
  4. My hair has a weird bump in it.
  5. The library charged my late book as "lost" so now I have to fight with the librarians.
  6. The coworker I hate has been put in charge of a project, making him very snarky.
  7. That terrible JLo song "On the Floor" is stuck in my head.
But on a lighter note ...
Adorable Baby Sloth

1 comment:

MT said...

Hahaha, I hear they are cuddly. Tell me you have seen the Kristen Bell meltdown about sloths. Hahaha.