Tuesday, February 14

Reasons I Still Love My Husband

  1. His humanity
  2. He always makes me laugh
  3. He is rarely grumpy or moody ... and when he is it's either for no reason whatsoever or he's hungry
  4. He sleeps soundly
  5. No one knows me as well as he does
  6. He likes to make up the lyrics to songs to poke fun at me
  7. He spoils the puppy
  8. He cleans the toilet and does the dishes
  9. He remembers all the stories I tell him, even the boring work ones
  10. He understands my faults
  11. His defender-of-the-world attitude
  12. He tickles me to cure a headache
  13. His Facebook fights
  14. He loves his dad
  15. He kissed me on top of the Eiffel Tower
  16. I call him "woogie" ("woog" for short) and he lets me, might even like it
  17. He plays with my hair while we're waiting in line
  18. He supports me
  19. He likes my girlfriends
  20. He listens
  21. He enjoys travelling
  22. He says I'm sexy even when I feel fat or ugly
  23. He makes me want to be a better me
  24. But I know he loves me just as I am
Happy Valentine's Day.
Here's to all those past and a gazillion more to come.


Kerry Hoaglund said...

Cute!!! Great reasons!! :D

Jen said...

I have to disagree with his moodiness, but then again, I threw a bowl of boiling Spaghettios at him when we were kids, and yes I'm aware he still has that made-up scar.

d_mind said...

Espero que cuando me case tenga un listado igual o más largo que el que creaste. Tienes muy buenos motivos para estar felizmente casada, Congrats!!

Kristin said...

It's so great you took the time to make this list! It's uplifting for you both to look and find the positive in one another. <3