Friday, January 20

How to Party and Wake Up Feeling Awesome

I now consider myself a complete professional when it comes to partying all night (i.e., drinking and dancing) and waking up in the morning loving myself. I know all the tips and tricks to never having a hangover and never being sick. For example: I danced in 2012 with a Diet Coke vodka in my hand, went to bed at 3AM, then woke up 4 hours later feeling, you guessed it, AWESOME. Here's how:

1. Prepare with hydration. Drink. Water. Lots and lots and lots of water. Not like a binge gulp right beforehand, but all day long. Not anything but water; no artificial anything, no Powerade, Gatorade, Lifewater, SoBe, energy drinks. Just water and lots of it.

2. Eat a well balanced dinner.

3. Add no sugar to your alcohol.

4. Dance and stay active while drinking. If you just sit around it's much easier to believe you're not as tipsy as you actually might be.

5. Drink some more water.

6. Don't ever over do it. No "good time" is worth that left-for-dead feeling the next morning.

7. Know your limits and don't be afraid to say, "no more for me, thanks."

Cheers to your partying success.

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