Thursday, October 27

The Time

This is the best time of year.

I won't say favorite (that's the summertime) but when Halloween starts to show its scary face, I start to feel very excited for the rest of the year. Thanksgiving, Christimas, New Year's. All of the celebrating makes the winter months liveable, and actually somewhat loveable. Halloween is the kick off for all of the end-of-year F.U.N. But keep in mind, I'm back in school. Luckily class ends the second week of December and my horrible (so horrible!) accounting class ends next week ... which means: I should be able to be proactive and organized for this holiday season.
  1. Halloween will only be fun: no stressing over finding costume at the last minute or lack of cool costume or whatever -- I'll just go without one and look fabulous.
  2. Plan out my Thanksgiving dishes early.
  3. Arrive at mom's on Thanksgiving day early.
  4. Send out Christmas cards.
  5. Buy all the Christmas gifts before the 24th.
  6. Wrap everything early <--- this is contingent on #4 being successful.
  7. Buy a New Year's dress early; as soon as I see something I like.
Do you see how not procrastinating is basically my entire goal?
I've just been anti-procrastination specific.

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