Wednesday, October 26

Stuff I Need. Seriously.

I love to shop but I hate shopping when I really need something -- because it feels like a chore and inevitably you don't find what you want. Case in point: black t-shirts. Costco has some great ModBod ones but they are, of course, always sold out in the size and color I would like. Others I find are too thin, not black enough, or stupid. And I need black t-shirts. Lots of them. So the list of things that I really really need to replace is growing. And I'm cutting my nose to spite my face because as the list grows, I start to hate looking for the items, and then I need the items even more because more time has elapsed and that means, I hate shopping for them even more. It's a vicious cycle.
  1. panties
  2. very sexy push-up bras
  3. work pants
  4. white t-shirts
  5. black t-shirts
  6. a purse
  7. jeans
  8. boots
  9. tights and tall socks
  10. sweaters/jackets
And for fun ...
  1. a few more scarves
  2. a couple more cardigans
Guarantee: I will buy more scarves and cardigans.

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