Wednesday, September 14

Bane of My Existence

Homework is the bane of my existence.
I hate it.
I know it provides an essential function for learning but I am terrible about getting it done.
My own fault, yes. I am having a hard time balancing homework and hometime.
Normally when I'm at home, I procrastinate housework by watching television and reading.
Now that homework is back in my life, I use chores to put off doing my homework.
Our house is nice and tidy, let me tell you.
I really need to start doing it on the weekends so that I can prevent the workweek rush and madness.
I've been in school 4 weeks ... so far no progress.

Today I have to send out my team contract draft and complete case #2 for accounting.
Boo. Probably a couple hours of work, at the very least.
But after today I am all gung-ho on completing my homework on the weekends.
The weekends are full of ample time for fun and work.
Unlike Monday through Friday which already has 8+ hours of work every damn day.
I'm going to get a calendar and plan out my times.
I'm going to make more room on the kitchen table and make that my workspace.
Why not the office?
Well, the office has too many distractions.
Plus, the kitchen is nice and sunny.
... To brighten up my gloomy workload.

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Kerry Hoaglund said...

I wish I was in school! You are so lucky!