Wednesday, August 24

Hey ... Eat!

We eat out often. A lot more than we should but with only two people in the house, it's so darn easy.

Unfortunately, most places have limited options for a vegetarian and those options sometimes aren't too healthy. I try to make good decisions wherever we go (although occasionally the fries are calling too loudly) but even if I try to make a healthy choice, the choice isn't always there. I wish all fast food restaurants would start carrying healthy salads and start encouraging people to make lifestyle changes because there are times when you're on the go and you need food fast. But it shouldn't have to be shit. Wendy's has done a great job trying to make the combo meal healthier. You'll see from the list below that I do end up getting bean burritos, which aren't super fantastic -- but beans do have protein! I actually think the worst part of a burrito is the tortilla, which is why I love Taco Time's veggie burrito; they use whole wheat.

Anyway, we gotta keep trying! Fight the bulge!

For your enjoyment, a list of the items I order when we patronize fast food joints:
  • In-N-Out: grilled cheese ... and fries
  • Burger King: veggie burger
  • Wendy's: berry almond salad (new item!) and baked potato
  • Carl's Jr: IF they have a Green Burrito branch -- bean and cheese burrito, if not -- Diet Coke
  • Taco Time: veggie burrito
  • Taco Bell: cheesy bean & rice burrito or potato tacos
  • DelTaco: veggie works burrito
  • Cafe Rio: veggie salad or single cheese enchilada or quesadilla with black beans ... and chips and salsa
  • Noodles & Co: thai curry soup
  • Rubio's: fish tacos or big burrito especial sans meat
  • Rumbi: brown rice bowl with tofu
  • Sonic: Diet Pepsi
  • McDonald's: Asian salad (if they have it)
  • Greek Souvlaki: greek salad, hold the onions and olives
  • Panda Express: fried rice with mixed veggies and spring rolls
  • KFC: Diet Pepsi
  • Subway: veggie footlong on wheat with avocado

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Kerry Hoaglund said...

I'm a sucker for the most unhealthy foods ever! It SUCKS!!