Saturday, April 25

A New Threat to Our Youth

I'm at the grocery store buying ingredients for funeral potatoes which I am making for a friend's birthday. Tom is there and we are in a hurry, arms full of sour cream, milk (because there is none in the house), hash browns, and cheese. As we approach the check stand we set our things down and I happen to see this on the rack:Oh. My. God. Were you aware of this danger to our (and by 'our' I mean society's) children? Tom and I were immediately horrified (and by 'horrified' I mean thought-it-was-ridiculous) and began reminiscing on why we hate Reader's Digest, as well as why we hate rampant sex-scandal paranoia. Tom scoffs, and then, using his best indignant woman voice, cries out, "Oh no!" I start laughing and as we turn to begin our approach to the cashier, we notice a different cashier from the aisle adjacent to ours glaring at us. Openly, un-apologetically glaring.

I guess she doesn't find sexting a laughing matter. And she's right. Please change the nation's threat level to RED.

PS: I don't appreciate Reader's Digest using an iPhone for the cover. First of all, most people who read Reader's Digest don't understand the wonder of the iPhone. Second of all, most people who are concerned about sexting don't understand the wonder of the iPhone. It's practically slander.

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Gretzbabi said...

so I am glad you are back at it. I do so wonder, with all these words floating around in your cute little head, why you seem to still use the four letter one that is so obnoxious just to prove you still can, I thought with all these words you would come up with something a little more educational, you know, use your brain and not your emotions. Well since I am one of the "stay at home, Utah's" that you seem to always put down it is a wonder I can even type. Using ones education is good to do if it makes one happy. There are all sorts of choices we make, some are forced on us and we work through and find happiness in the little mundane things in life like making a differences in others lives, serving others and making them happy as best we can, raising our children to feel they are someone, spending our time trying to raise children who will go forth and make a difference to others and spend time doing so. Not all of us are successful that is true, but happiness is where you find it, yours and others. Judging others is really a waste of time and effort. Love you