Friday, November 4


Why I'm thankful for my sisters-in-law ...
  • Bluntness is a good thing. It's rarely taken personally and we joke about weird things we all do.
  • We're sort of the same size. It's cute.
  • They are not ego maniacs about their kids.
  • Sometimes they ask me for advice and it makes me feel special. Like when Jen calls to ask if backpacks are still stylish or if campus parking is enforced on the weekends.
  • Tasha always has a camera. This is awesome because I never have one and even if I do I forget to take pictures. But Tasha always remembers and makes them fantastic.
  • Family events are super chill.
  • They like the puppy and indulge our obsession with her.
  • They love their dad and rely on him. It melts my heart.
  • We all like Costco!
  • I like to hug them -- for two reasons: 1) it makes them feel sort of awkward. 2) I like to hug them.
  • They have funny stories about growing up together. Like the burning hot spaghetti Os and the road trip in Arizona and the nintendo remote and "I'm not Tasha, I'm Breck."
  • It amuses me that they were fat babies.
  • We actually like each other.


Tasha said...

This made me laugh so hard! We love you too, well I guess I can't technically speak for Jen, LOL:)

Jen said...

I love it when people talk nice about me behind my happens so rarely...